See Guam’s Sky and Ocean with our SIGHTSEEING FLIGHT .

The scenery of Guam from the sky is Beautiful.
The white sandy beach, the beautiful deep blue water and the full green trees spread all over the island.
With our Cessna sightseeing tour you can better appreciate Guam’s Nature.
  You can look at a Guam’s highlight spots from the sky.
It will be special experience for each passengers.

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Tour Time 

Adult Price
WEB discount




Two Lovers Point
Tumon Bay
Agana Bay
Asan Beach

80 $60
(WEB discount $55)
$40 For more information
(Day Tour)

Two Lovers Point
Tumon Bay
Agana Bay
Apra Bay Naval Base

90 $85 $40 For more information
(Night Tour)

Two Lovers Point
Tumon Bay
Agana Bay
Apra Bay Naval Base

90 $90 $90 After 17:30
For more information

Two Lovers Point
Tumon Bay
Agana Bay
Apra Bay Naval Base
Cocos Island
Talofofo Bay
Leo Palace

100 $135 $60 For more information
E Guam Island Tour 130 $165
(WEB discount$155)
$90 For more information


※ A minimum of 2 people
Reservations online must be set more than 7 days in advanced. And please be aware of the request web discount.

※Child price is for 2~12years old. Less than 2 years old is Free
※ A child less than 13 years old in age needs a guardian to accompany him/her.
※ When participating, please bring a copy of your passport.

※ The person who scubaed dive within 18 hours can’t board any aircraft .
※Children less than 2-year-old do not count as a passenger but may still ride. Please ask a staff for more information.
※ Our airplane can board up to 4 passengers;  
Besides the pilot and intro pilot, 2 passengers can ride.
※ Depending on the weight and balance of the plane, we may ask to reduce the number of passengers.
※ When there is a person who weighs more than 90 kilogram, please inquire beforehand.


1. I’d like to request a return transportation service besides the stay hotel….
Our pick-up service can pick you up at more than just the hotel, Malls or Restraunts are valid but if the place is not safe we will refuse the pick-up, so please ask in advance.

2. I’m pregnant, but can I participate?
It’s not a problem. It will be up to your decision.

3. Can I hold my child on my lap and board the plane
Children must be more than 2 years old to meet the Seating requirements by the aerial way.

After putting on a cuddle strap, Children less than 2-year-old child can load on the adults lap and ride together outside the capacity.

4. What happens to a reserved day in case of bad weather?
SKY GUAM will consider to operate on the day of the tour depending on the weather . If it is cancelled, we will reschedule or refund. Guam’s weather will change often, so we might ask you to wait a moment in our office.

5. Is it necessary to buy insurance?
SKY GUAM has insurance for 100,000,000 yen and 1 accident of 400,000,000 yen in one seat.