Recruitment information

SKYGUAM Aviation are being recruited in the following job category.
Please make a contact more information.

Flight instructor (CFI、CFII) 1 person
FAA CFII  Holder
General duration of flight for more than 500 hours
※ Only CFI, duration of flight was less than 500 hours, please contact us.

Sightseeing flight pilot (part91)  3person
General duration of flight is not requred
Skyguam will provide OJT education until fixed requred houses.
Working visa support, dormitory available.

Fiscal year 2019 or 2020  Internship recruitment!
A few people (CPT and OPT)
Please consult with a person of a specialty or a person of graduation possibility about a steering department at an American university.
It’s possible to acquire the unit by us in CPT credit.
After university graduation, can start work for 1 year OPT
FAA Commercial + Instrument  Holder
(CFI and CFII good treatment), more than 21 years old
,※ contract term 1 year about 700 a year-800 hours, it flies.
I have a getting a job good record of performance to an airline after the contract term.
Please inquire for details.

Aerial mechanic
(Welcome the person who would like tomaintenance experience of Cessna after A&P acquisition.)

1 transportation driver
Chauffeur (G) license  The labor permission effective at USA
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