Intro Flight

Intro Flight

Travel in the Guam’s sky is the full of fun!

You can grasp a control column personally and enjoy steering like a pilot.
Just take easy lessons and let your family and friends come along for the ride.
A Japanese pilot will ride with you in the passengers seat to ensure safety!
  2 passengers can come into the intro course for free except when taking the greedy course.
You will have an unexpected experience on the runway.
You will experience things like seeing a large jet taking off and hearing a voice from the control center on your headset.
Furthermore, you can also have your children, 4 years and up, experience an exciting flight course in the pilots seat.

※ For more details click the desired course.

Course Detail Tour Time (Traveling time is included.)/ flight time length Price


The person who would like to control an airplane casually.
Flight knowledge isn’t necessary.
2 Passenger are free of charge.

100min. /about 20 min.

Up to 2 passengers are free.


For 4 – 11 year olds,
Up to 2 guardian’s can ride together free of charge.
Comes with a rental pilot costume with a flight certificate

110min./about 30 min.

(WEB discount $180)
UP to 2 passenger are  free of charge


Take a short lesson, and You will be ready to control an aircraft from takeoff to landing.

110min./about 30 min.

(WEB discount $180)
Up to 2 passenger are  free of charge


You can choose the course of the flight either southerly and northerly and ask to do tricks like.
Quick turning, a stall, and a touch-and-go.
Request these things before takeoff.

135 min. / about 60 min

Passenger  $60


※ Minimum of one person.
Reservations online must be set more than 7 days in advanced. And please be aware of the request web discount.
※ A child less than 13 years old in age needs a guardian to accompany him/her.
※ Please bring a copy of your passport in order to participate
※ The person who scuba dived within 18 hours can’t board any aircraft .
※ Children less than 2-year-old do not count as a passenger but may still ride. Please ask a staff member for more information.
※ Our airplane can board up to 4 passengers; Besides the pilot and intro pilot, 2 passengers can ride.
※ Depending on the weight and balance of the plane, we may ask to reduce the number of passengers.
※ When there is a person who weighs more than 90 kilogram (200lbs), please inform a staff member 


1. I’d like to request a return transportation service besides the stay hotel….
Our pick-up service can pick you up at more than just the hotel,
Malls or Restraunts are valid but if the place is not safe we will refuse the pick-up, so please ask in advance.

2. I’m pregnant, but can I participate?
It’s not a problem. It will be up to your decision.

3. Can I hold my child on my lap?
Children must be more than 2 years old to meet the Seating requirements by the aerial way.
After putting on a cuddle strap, Children less than 2-year-old child can load on the adults lap 
and ride together outside the capacity.

4. What happens to a reserved day in the case of bad weather?
SKY GUAM will consider operating on the day of the tour depending on the weather .
If it is cancelled, we will reschedule or refund.
Guam’s weather will change often, so we might ask you to wait a moment in our office.

5. Is it necessary to buy insurance?
SKY GUAM has insurance for 100,000,000 yen and 1 accident of 400,000,000 yen in one seat.