Pilot license

Have your dream come true and get your Pilot’s license on Guam.

FAA Private Pilot License
You can get your pilot license for 1/3 the price compared to Japan.
You may get an issued Japanese Pilot’s license by presenting your Guam license
We will support this process.

FAA Private Plirot License

To get a License for a small Private aircraft you must meet these requirements.
The Duration of the flight will vary on the persons ability to learn.

Must we 17 and up and must be able to read and write in english
Must take the third-class Airlines physical check-up
Written test must be more than 70%
Must Log at least 40 hours of flight time.
At least 20 of those flight hours must be with an authorized instructor

(1) 3 hours of day time flight training

(2) 3 hours of night flight training
(i)One night time flight must surpass over 10 nautical miles in total distance
(ii)10 takeoffs and 10 landings to a full stop at night

(3) 10 hours of solo flight time
(i)5 hours of solo cross-country time

(ii)One solo cross country flight of 150 nautical miles total distance,
with full-stop landings at three points,
and one segment of flight consisting of a straight-line distance of
more than 50 nautical miles between the takeoff and landing locations.
(iii)Three takeoffs and three landings to a full stop
(with each landing involving a flight in the traffic pattern)
at an airport with an operating control tower. 

1. All at once payment course
This course include classes, textbooks, and flight fee that will be covered
until you obtain your small private airplane pilot license. You can choose from 4 courses.
  The All at once payment course is cheaper than each separate payment.

2. Each separate payment course
This course needs to be payed off for each individual flying class.
※ The air fare from Japan to Guam and the hotel charges aren’t included.
※ Please ask us for an Instrument flight certificate or a license for business use if you wish.



  1. Is it possible to Pilot a helicopter (revolving wing)by The Federal Aviation Administration private pilot license (for Fixed wing Single Engine Land)?
    No, You must take a separate class to get a Helicopter license;
    However taking this course will allow you to skip some of the classes that are required to get your helicopter license.

2.  If you visit Guam several time and stay a week each time, how many time do I need to visit to get license?
For example you visit Guam 3 days to 1 week 2~3 times a year,
it’s possible to acquire an American federal aviation administration private pilot license
(fixed wing and land, one-shot) in 3~4 years.

3.  Is there any time restraint from when I start my classes to when I pass my test?
No there is no time limit.

4.  Will you arrange The Hotel and Renta-car?
Yes,  We can arrange staying at a partner hotel and a rental car. SKYGUAM also has a dormitory.

5.  Are there any age and health restrictions?
Anyone above 17 years of age and able to operate the control stick
If you have any concerns please visit your nearest hospital and see the Designated Aviation Medical Examiner.