Course G – Exciting

Course G – Exciting

A quick and easy lecture will be given to you before starting.
You can steer the airplane from takeoff
to a landing in Guam international airport .
An expert pilot will accompany you, so everyone can participate.
You may go beyond the basic sightseeing course and fly over the Apra Harbor.
It’s possible to fly over most of The Guamanian west coast.

Two Lovers Point – Tumon Bay – Agana Bay – Apra Bay Naval Base

Tour Time (Transportation time is included.) 110 min.
Flight time length about 30min.
Price Pilot $190

Up to 2 passengers are free.
WEB Discount $190 → $180
Reservations online must be set more than 7 days in advanced.
And please be aware of the request web discount.
Minimum of one person


A child less than 13 years old in age needs a guardian to accompany him/her.
When participating, please bring a copy of your passport.
The person who scubaed dive within 18 hours can’t board any aircraft
Children less than 2-year-old do not count as a passenger but may still ride.  Please ask a staff for more information.
Our airplane can board up to 4 passengers; Besides the pilot and intro pilot, 2 passengers can ride.
Depending on the weight and balance of the plane, we may ask to reduce the number of passengers.
When there is a person who weighs more than 90 kilogram, please inquire beforehand.